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Giving my gratitude for the matching grant announcement – Coming on Dec. 1
30 Nov
By 2020Visionquest
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Golden retriever puppy with a green sign saying "Guide Dog Puppy" in front of a wooded background.

We help fund the cost of training guide dogs.

It has been difficult to witness the significant, though understandable, impact of COVID-19 on the fundraising side of our charitable mission. This will be the least we’ve provided to the support of those experiencing profound sight loss through training, services, and guide dogs via the organizations we benefit. Everyone understands and even began to anticipate the impact of this horrific situation, but the needs of those managing sight loss simply did not lessen–in fact, the opposite is true, as for most it has enhanced their challenge and reduced their options for solutions.

This is why I was incredibly grateful when a board member inspired the rest of our team to pull together a matching grant for Giving Tuesday on December 1. We’ll take some time through the month of December to make every dollar donated by others count double. We’ve set a goal to reach $2,200 by December 31st; our board of directors has agreed to match, a possible $4,400 in total, to support Future in Sight and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

A smiling, visually impaired girl sits at a table next to a laughing adult.

We raise funds to provide needed services for the blind.

The team we’ve assembled will make all the official announcements on December 1, and intermittently to encourage donations as we strive to help the support we can provide during these challenging times. In appreciation of their preferences, I will not name all who contributed. But I will extend my gratitude to the board and the team at 2020 Vision Quest who always seem to find the way to encourage our positive progress in the mission to help those managing sight loss and who can benefit from the services which gave me so much more independence than I ever would have thought possible when I first faced the transition.

I know the team’s formal statement hopes to reach our goal by December 31 and I rather optimistically hope we might reach it a little sooner. Perhaps not by my finish of 54 miles of running on Saturday December 5, perhaps not by Quinn’s Birthday on December 11, but hopefully we’ll meet the match and sooner than the end of our calendar year for 2020. The work of 2020 Vision Quest intends to extend well beyond this year after all!

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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