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Future In Sight strides forward to reach underserved communities
08 Nov
By 2020Visionquest
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Deo Mwano, standing with open arms on the street.

Deo Mwano specializes in education and workforce success through diversity and inclusion strategies, and is collaborating with Future in Sight to help them reach out to underserved communities.

“As part of our mission, we have long felt passionate about understanding and delivering on the needs of those who live with profound vision loss.”

–David Morgan, CEO Future In Sight

As part of the 2020 Vision Quest mission we are determined to support the work of both Guide Dogs for the Blind and Future in Sight even as we carry out the rest of our charitable mission. In these times I’m all the more proud of the work done by Future in Sight to identify and build connection with the underserved communities of those who experience profound sight loss.

I was once one of those  plunged into unexpected legal blindness and eventually total blindness. I was fortunate in that despite the significant challenges there were avenues of connection for me to get the training and services which have helped assist my successful life experiences. How much harder for those with additional challenges before sight loss manifests for them? This is why I encourage you to read the blog post provided by Future In Sight which provides me so much encouragement they are taking the first of many strides forward in this area:

“Reaching Underserved Communities – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”
Click here to read

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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