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School Presentations

January, 2022 update: We are thrilled Randy is the President & CEO of Future In Sight, however that regrettably means that 2020 Vision Quest is no longer able to provide school presentations. Our educational videos (below) are still available! If you’d like to contact him, feel free to send him an email or by phone 603-546-8542.

Discover Why Randy’s Message is Valuable for All Students and Schools

We’re now proud to provide a series of short videos in our growing collection of Classroom Connections. These each begin with an introduction for each grade level to be shared at any time.

We suggest starting with the introduction video below and following up with any of the topics you choose from our growing video collections. We’re working to increase our topic library and welcome you to send us an email with suggestions for additional video topics!

Lower Elementary
(Grades K-2)
Upper Elementary
(Grades 3-5)
Middle School
(Grades 6-8)
High School
(grades 9-12)
Introduction and Believe in Possibility Introduction and Believe in Possibility Introduction, Mindset and Accountability Introduction, Mindfulness and Accountability


Believe and Achieve Through Goal Setting, Problem Solving, and Perseverance!

Picture of Randy in a lively interaction with elementary school students in Newmarket, NH2020 Vision Quest’s school presentations, delivered by Randy Pierce, integrate life lessons with engaging stories of his progress managing adversity. Randy learned to thrive not just in spite of challenge but also in fact because of it. His captivating approach provides essential insights and inspiration to students of all ages and grade levels.

Randy has presented to over 100,000 students since founding 2020 Vision Quest in 2010, and we’re planning and building capacity to reach tens of thousands more!

Here to Help You with New, Varied Presentation Options

Picture of Randy standing and wearing a hedset while making a virtual presentation
As you embark on a challenging new school year we’re here to help! We continue to adapt and build—now offering three approaches to better support all educators and students:

  1. Resumption of our live, in-school presentations when your local COVID management policies allow. (New England and nearby)
  2. Making live, virtual presentations accessible to you on a variety of platforms. (Anywhere in the U.S.)
  3. Development of pre-recorded video versions of our popular presentation topics that you can access anytime via the “Classroom Connections” section on our YouTube channel. We offer four different grade-level-specific options: Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School. See links to left.

“What do you think a blind person can’t do?”

Picture of Randy at a dojo, working on his karate, wearing a Karate uniform This question challenged Randy from the moment he started to go blind in 1989. The question motivated, inspired, and frustrated him, pushing him harder than he ever would have thought he could endure. This drove him to realize that you truly don’t need to see to have a vision – or to make that vision a reality.

It’s also the first question that Randy challenges students to consider in his powerful classroom presentations. Students respond enthusiastically to Randy’s passionate approach to inspiring and awakening young minds to envision the possibilities that lie beyond their own challenges. By prompting students to think, “What can I accomplish?” he leads them to realize that it’s within their own power to define, embrace, and achieve any goal.

We Tailor the Presentation to Meet Your Needs!

Picture of Quinn receiving a lot of attention from students at one of the presentations. While we welcome donations or honoraria, we provide Randy’s presentations at no cost to classrooms and youth organizations in or near southern New Hampshire. For more distant locations we can discuss travel possibilities or are glad to deliver Randy’s message via the virtual experience. With the March 2020 arrival of COVID-19 in the U.S., as early as later that spring we began to see the great new benefit of being able to reach students virtually in all 50 U.S. states!

We work with your school to ensure that the schedule, duration, and points of emphasis are ideal for your needs. Students at age ten or younger receive emphasis on diversity, guide dogs, and believing in themselves. Presentations to ages eleven and older include additional focus on life lessons for managing adversity and choosing paths toward a successful and positive life.

We at 2020 Vision Quest are eager to share Randy’s inspirational presentation with students of all abilities, everywhere. We tailor each presentation to best fit the curriculum and goals of each school we visit. Whether presenting to ten students or to a thousand, we can customize the material to include or better emphasize any of the following topics:

  • Ability awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Diversity
  • Guide dogs
  • Setting goals
  • Communication
  • Inspiration
  • Achievement through adversity
  • Teamwork
  • Believing in possibility
  • Blind awareness

We at 2020 Vision Quest are eager to share Randy’s inspirational presentation with students of all abilities, everywhere. Our objective is to tailor each presentation to fit within the curriculum and goals of each school we visit.

Picture of Randy kneeling with his Guide Dog, Autumn, close by his side.

Links to Presentation Materials

In order to give you the best possible experience, we provide the links below: