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First Fireside Chat Warmed a Cold Night in January
31 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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Screen shot of Michelle Brier, brown-haired woman, speaking to the audience.

Michelle Brier, founder of BluePath Service Dogs, talks to the audience on our first virtual fireside chat.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.
– Zig Ziglar

Friday, January, 29, we hosted a virtual video call conversation with the intent of spreading a bit of warmth through the introduction of quality people, places, and ideas. For our first attempt, we deliberately kept the invitations restricted as we resolved to work out the challenges in our process but we didn’t short on the inspiration or quality. I invited my dear friend  Michelle Brier of BluePath Service Dogs to share some of the multi-faceted aspects of her life.

We had some laughs, touched on some serious topics, and put our mutual love of dogs on the line as we passed a few questions between us before welcoming questions from the audience. I learned a few things about Michelle and her work while reaffirming my appreciation for the benefit of gratitude and connecting with people in meaningful ways.

As many of us try to shrug off the 2020 hangover and set ourselves up for success in the hard work or making 2021 climb a path of steady improvement, we believe events like this are helpful. They cost us little more than the time invested, and they return positives based in part on our community response. As we are preparing our own 2020 Vision Quest development campaign, we can in part express appreciation for our partnerships with a little promotion along the way.

This week our first partnership began with a long standing supporter, the Hudson, NH Lions Club. As they generously support our charitable mission we are proud to have them the official sponsor for our first Fireside Chat.

Best of all, whether you missed it live or not, the entire event is available to you on our YouTube channel on our “Presentation” playlist, compliments of 2020 Vision Quest and the Hudson, NH Lions Club, and especially compliments of my remarkable and inspirational friend, Michelle Brier!

Fireside Chat with Michelle Brier:

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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