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Finding Ability Awareness
07 Feb
By 2020
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by Randy Pierce

Where did I find the term “Ability Awareness?” A remarkable young man named Tyler, who is our inspirational feature this week, introduced me to it. Rachel Morris, part of our 2020 Vision Quest team, shared Tyler’s incredible online video with us, and immediately I had a new term for a fundamental part of our message!

Tyler has his own website that delivers his inspirational message and video. The video begins as rather ordinary and then unveils a tremendous surprise, which very well demonstrates the power of perspective and the accomplishments available to those who choose Ability Awareness as their focus. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to visit the following site and watch the video:


I strongly believe in finding worthy goals and undertaking the necessary problem solving steps to convert dreams into reality. There is more to that process than I can describe in a single post, but ultimately it all begins with setting a foundation of emphasizing what you can do rather than emphasizing what you cannot do. We all have challenges in our lives, and we all can choose to take the necessary steps to bring our abilities to the forefront. It is easier with help, but removing the destructive power of the word ‘disability’ is a most important first step. While this cannot magically eliminate our challenges, it starts us down the path of achievement through our adversity, and that is a fantastic accomplishment.


I believed I understood the wisdom in Tyler’s philosophy, but his excellent turn of phrase not only reaches me personally, but also seems to connect to the many people with whom I share it. I hope you take the time to not only appreciate the message, but also help us share it with the world.

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