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Endurafit: My Cross-training How and Why Video Story
16 Dec
By 2020Visionquest
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Photo shows a storefront with the Endurafit logo sign on the roof above a door and window.

Last week I shared the race report from my National Marathon Championship victory, including the final week injury challenge I had to overcome. Much of that was managed thanks to the team at Endurafit and today I’m taking a deeper dive into the physical training I use to support all of my running and hiking goals. Tracy and I have both been utilizing the knowledge and skills of Chris Brown to elevate our fitness and health for well over a year and the results have been valuable for me. While they offer online support and limited in-home training; a new work space will help them increase the benefit for all of us.

One of the strengths of their diverse approach to training is the ability to customize the overall plan and individual workouts to both the long term goals and the more immediate needs which arise during training cycles. Their rapid response and treatment of my hip injury enabled my California International Marathon success while our longer planning helps encourage a better state of readiness. Chris already knows my next big physical undertaking is the 123rd Boston Marathon in April.

We don’t just plan though, he actually puts me to work. In this clip I’m doing a set of squats while leaning back on cable supports. Driving through my heels and hips is strengthening my legs and glutes as well as my stablizers and abdomen. This was a brand new exercise for me and for the next week I’ll repeat a variation of this every other day at home as part of the workout set he provides each week.

Here in his studio we do have access to more tools to enhance the workout and at home I’m using variations he provides. In this video I’m balancing my core while seated on an inflated exercise ball and using a constant resistance air pressure machine to do pull downs. As you’ll see I’m always willing to accept more challenge even though Chris was already increasing the work by judging my reaction!

This is such a small sample of the great work and interaction shared each week at our workouts. The real skill in this is the insightful evaluation of my particular needs and the depth of knowledge to find the right exercises to bring forth results. I have a daily workout and an every other day more challenging workout which brings measurable progress to my strength and conditioning. For me, the flexibility and stabilizer response is essential to both running and hiking success. Whatever your needs might be, a little skilled support just might help you reach for and achieve your peak potential. I am glad I’m working with the team and Endurafit and hope you find the right team to support and encourage you on your journey!

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