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Did You Mean It?
17 Jun
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer (1900 – 1944 Detailed Biography)

Have you ever wished for a change, some difference you would want for your life? Perhaps an even better question is, did you mean it?

Whether your wish is small or great, the best way to get there is to make a plan to achieve it and begin the work. In most instances, the greater the reward, the more the work involved to reach the goal and the easier it is to let that hope slip away again. Reminding yourself of how you felt at the moment of the wish for change is an essential part of motivating yourself through the real work required.

The plan is the series of steps you must take on the journey. The destination is the motivation to keep yourself along the path. Since I believe achieving a goal is always more about the journey than the destination, I believe in a plan which appreciates all the steps along the way, no matter how difficult each step may seem.

A friend of mine, Ed Fackler, has been on an inspiring and incredible journey of his own: he wanted to drastically reduce his weight. A recent post of his encouraged me to ask his permission to share it. The message and the question applies to each of us for any and all of the wishes or goals we choose to pursue on our journey.

I encourage you to read his words below and watch his story unfold on his Youtube channel.

“I Would Give Anything” –by Ed Fackler

Once upon a time a man said,
” I would give anything to be thin.”
” I would do anything to be healthy and slim.”
” I would pay anything to not feel like I do now.”

And he meant every word with every fiber of his being. Or so he thought.

Many months later he had the same painful thoughts.

” I would give anything to be thin.”
” I would do anything to be healthy and slim.”
” I would pay anything to not feel like I do now.”

This time after some minutes of reflection he realized that while he had been looking for an instant cure, one that would surely carry an impossible price, there might be another way. It might come in another form. There seemed, in fact, a way to pay that immense price.

So everyday, He paid what part of the price that he could. Sometimes he paid with some lost sleep. Sometimes with some sweat. Sometimes with some hunger.

So everyday, he did the things that he didn’t do before. He did go to the gym. He did build his core with a personal trainer. He did count calories, fat, carbs and protein. He did run, jump and lift until he was tired, sore and hurt.

So everyday, he gave up some of the foods that he loved but were higher in calories. He gave up TV to get time to be at the gym. He gave away anything that stood in the way of his dream.

He paid by means of consistency. Even though the paying cost him the most valuable thing in the world. He paid and invested his TIME.

And slowly, day by day, by his giving, his doing and his paying… he began to change.

The change was very subtle at first. Almost imperceptible. Yet slowly the daily changes added up. Over days, weeks and months, even though he didn’t notice at first, he began to get what he wanted. This happened because he gave, did and paid, every day. He stopped complaining about how he didn’t have the money for an all-at-once operation or special procedure to make him thin. He focused on the paying, the giving and the doing for that day, and it alone. Instead of waiting until he HAD all the money or the means to pay the whole bill, all at once, ( purchasing the magic change that would make his transformation fast and easy), he invested a little bit everyday. He gave, paid and did what he had to, despite his time being beyond value. Every day he scrounged and clawed to get gather all the loose little bits of free time so that he could invest the maximum for that day.

And after investing, some amount every day for a year, he looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of his physical self, half the mass, half the person that he had been.

At that time I am be able to say in all honesty to myself:

I gave anything I needed to to be thin.
I did anything I needed to be healthy and slim.
I paid anything to be feel great.

I just held myself to my offer and my words to give/do/pay anything. I did it with consistency. By paying something everyday, I was able to create what seemed to be an impossible payment. The value of each day had its price, but together the results were priceless.

I know you said it. Somewhere in your life. And now I ask you…
When you said,
” I would give anything…”
” I would do anything….
” I would pay anything…”

Did you mean it?

I did.

One response to “Did You Mean It?”

  1. Sarah T. says:

    I shared this with my weight loss group this morning. It’s such a great lesson! Thank you so much for sharing!

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