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CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer?
28 Mar
By 2020
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by Randy Pierce

Inspiration is deeply personal, and when the Outside Blog introduced me to Ryan Levinson as their “Chief Inspiration Officer,” I was rewarded with a moving and motivating tale. I’ve written past blog posts on my inspirational sources, which are many and growing. I encourage you to visit my latest inspiration.

Ryan delves into sharing the internal struggles derived from his challenges without any pretention about the relative aspect of challenge. We all are likely to have challenges that can surge, at times, into an overwhelming force. Ryan excellently expresses the dichotomy between achieving through adversity and the reality of internalizing those powerful responses. This is something I am very familiar with, and perhaps that is part of what called to me most in his post.

Randy's inspirational moment with a Grey Jay.

Along with some descriptive prowess, there is a core message from Ryan’s post that resonates within me. The value in anything we attempt has less to do with the undertaking and more to do with our ability to appreciate the moment. The better we can become at finding appreciation in the moments we experience, the more each experience we craft or encounter is likely to help us soar to new heights of true experience.

2020 Vision Quest is always looking for inspirations to share and to personally experience the merit of such. Please feel free to share any inspirational gems you encounter, and let us know when one we’ve chosen to share has connected with you.

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