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Changes – Walking Into a New Era
04 Jun
By 2020Visionquest
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I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean

June 1, 2019 marked the 16th annual Walk for Sight at Future In Sight. It was my first time in over a decade enthusiastic team of walkers pose for group picture. being off the Board of Directors for an organization I appreciate, admire and respect. It was a great opportunity to put a little more focus on the people who chose to join us for the day despite our late entry into the event. We still raised over $1300 and shared a lovely late morning and early afternoon together. Autumn performed her duties quite admirably and I had the chance to talk with many members of our team new and long standing as I reflected on how long a journey I’ve experienced since the inception of the walk. So many changes in people, pups and my life’s direction are the result not just of momentum but my approach to change.

I frequently embrace change with a confident and deliberate choice. I understand, for some, change is an undesired and highly resisted consequence accepted begrudgingly only when a prior situation has become untenable. I suspect there are some aspect so of my life where that approach holds sway but, if I choose mindfulness in reflecting, reviewing and revising the plan of my life; the rewards of appropriate change continue to be evident. It is not simply for the sake of change but rather for the evaluation of growing challenge and the possibility or realizing resolution by thoughtful plans. It certainly isn’t always easy but I find the change which is thrust upon us is vastly more difficult than that which we recognize is necessary and plan as a transition.

Today I celebrated an aspect of my transition with Future In Sight. Today we began to sell tickets  for our final Peak Potential Dinner and Auction event. This too is a transition, as we hope to accomplish the fiscal benefit our organization provides primarily supported by the presentations I deliver to corporations and conferences. Ultimately, all of the work of our 2020 Vision Quest mission is intended to continue well beyond the year 2020 but with a different approach as we adjust our sails for the next phase of an exciting journey. I hope it is one we get to continue to walk with many of you!

Several sail boats float on calm water with beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky.

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