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Celebrating our Signature Year: Taking 2020 in Stride!
30 Dec
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy and Rodney running in the USABA marathon 2018.Our mission has adapted and grown through the decade to best reflect the resources we cultivate and similarly most effectively serve the needs of our charitable mission; so too has the plan for this New Year’s Eve been necessarily adjusted. I had intended to launch our signature year with a 100-mile run that fell half on each side of the stroke of midnight. This would have been an aggressive 20 hours of running even with the comfortable 5 mph pace allowing me 10 minutes of rest each hour.

The cold that began on December 2 blossomed into bronchitis just before the California International Marathon on December 8. The aftermath of running anyways left me far more ill and seemingly unable to recover fully even by Christmas when a resurgence in Florida increased the medical approach to steroids, antibiotics, and an inhaler. While I’m finally making progress, there was no reasonable hope or propriety in the New Year’s Eve running goal.

Fortunately, we have a host of aspirational goals to celebrate our signature year. I’ll be announcing them throughout the year and start with a year long goal to run 2020 miles over the course of the year 2020. This is just under 40 miles each week which will certainly be a challenging goal to sustain for the 52 weeks necessary. Each Friday I’ll share the weekly update and overall progress on my Facebook and Twitter accounts as I use this accountability measure to keep me striding forward.

There will be weeks I’m ahead of the average and weeks I’ll fall short with the deliberate planning necessary for my many other goals throughout the year. I may need some help in guiding and encouragement along the way as I’m certain the treadmill will help me fill in the balance of my nearly 5.6 miles per day average. I’ve assured Autumn this will not reduce the time we spend walking together to keep her young, healthy, fit, and happy.

We encourage all of you to consider taking a few healthy mile strides of any type throughout the year ahead. In fact, I welcome your sharing of your own progress along the way as we all help each other be more accountable to some steady strides towards health and happiness wandering our world together.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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