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Boston Marathon plans–and how you can help out!
19 Mar
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Randy and Jose running and determined

Jose and Randy run the California International Marathon in December 2014.

April 18, which is the 120th running of the Boston Marathon, is rapidly approaching! This is my second time and I’ve learned enough from the first to reach out and ask you for your help and support in any of several possible ways. I believe so much in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) and would love to add you to the team in all or some of the below ways. Whether you can join in or not, I’d appreciate your consideration to share this post and help us connect with more support for the opportunities ahead.

1) There are times along the course where just a little encouragement or friendly voice may help. Despite the thousands upon thousands along the route, I’m building an audio file which I can play when I need to hear the encouragement of a friendly voice along the way. If you email me a short audio file (less than 30 seconds please) which starts with “Hi Randy this is (You) and I just wanted to say…”, I’ll put them into one larger file and play them for that extra motivation. Please have all of these to me no later than April 10 so we can finish the file and have it ready for Marathon Monday!

2) If you aren’t running the Boston Marathon–or even if you are!–maybe you can join us for the NHAB 3K Walk for Sight on June 4! We have a team and would love to have you be part of our team as a walker or donor. It’s a very reasonably priced event with a chance to spend some quality time while helping support both 2020 Vision Quest and New Hampshire Association for the Blind. I’d always rather you walk with us, but if you can’t, perhaps you’d consider donating to one of the walkers on our team? While I don’t seek donations directly for Boston, I welcome the notion of a donation through this walk/fund raiser!

Join or donate to our team or me directly via our team page. This is our second largest fundraiser for 2020 Vision Quest and a family friendly event complete with a puppy kissing booth, barbecue lunch and so much more.

3) Finally whether you send me a supportive audio file, join or donate for the NHAB Walk or not, you can help us by sharing the 2020 Vision Quest charity with friends and family. We are always trying to increase our outreach of our website, our social media, and mission. Please consider taking the time to share us with those who will help us build a stronger community of support for the valuable work we undertake and for the positive influence we hope we can have in their lives as well.I’d love to see our Facebook community reach the 5,000 benchmark this year, I’d love to see our walk team reach the 100 walkers who shared in 2012, but mostly I want to see the work we undertake continue to make a difference in the lives of the students to whom we present and the blind services we support at NHAB and Guiding Eyes!

Now back to training for Boston and advancing the 2020 vision!

Randy and Christine cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon 2015.

Randy and Christine cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon 2015.

4 responses to “Boston Marathon plans–and how you can help out!”

  1. Debbie says:

    How do I send you a voice file?

  2. Randy says:

    So most computers have a way to record an audio clip and that’s different by each computer/smart-phone. If you email them to me at Randy@2020visionquest.org I have a friend who will build it into one file so I can play them easily while on the run. Voice recorder on my iphone is how I’ve done it but there are many recording options.

  3. Randy says:

    Thanks to my first donor on the NHAB Walk page as well as the first family of four to sign up and join us. Robbie, Brent, Evan and Janeall signed up and started their fund raising before my wife even!

  4. Randy says:

    Walk Wednesday – weekly update on my 2020 Vision Quest Team for the Walk for Sight! Will you join or sponsor us?
    Thank you to our most recent and kind donors!:
    Nina and Jeff Kellogg
    Mary Brundage
    Annette Fraser-Dunn
    Thank you to the newest Team members:
    Laura Mountain
    Robbie Walton
    Brent Walton
    Jane coppola
    Evan Coppola
    Will you join us next?

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