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Are We Responsible Bandits?
18 Apr
By 2020
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by Randy Pierce

As this blog is posting, I’m in Boston for Patriots’ Day, aka Marathon Monday. Quinn and I plan to run half of the Marathon as “Bandits.” This is a controversial topic; we’ve done a fair bit of research about it alongside with our training for the race itself. After having examined all the angles, we believe ourselves to be “Responsible Bandits” and thus choose to undertake this incredible experience. We welcome comments on the topic and only ask that people read, consider and in turn give us material worthy of our doing the same.

Boston Marathon 2011 Logo

It's Boston Marathon 2011 race day!

What constitutes a Responsible Bandit? In our case, we are taking three significant steps above and beyond what the more than 2000 other bandits who typically run Boston are likely to do. First, each of us running will make a monetary donation to the race organizers, Boston Athletic Association. Second, we are starting at the half-way point, and only after all the qualified entrants have passed that point. This will be roughly 1:00 PM given the qualifying times required for the race. Last, we will decline all of the race-sponsored items such as the Mylar blankets and other expendable resources intended for qualified entrants. By taking these measures, we believe we are minimizing any negative impact upon the race and racers.

Why run the Marathon? Boston is a unique event with an unparalleled community of support along the route. We believe in undertaking positive experiences and supporting a community effort. It is my hope that by running with Quinn this year we will pave the way to run it officially and fully next year if we find the challenge appropriate in all ways. We look at this as a safe test run, undertaken responsibly, and we hope to share all the positive aspects of the accomplishment.

So as an entire city and region come together to celebrate an incredible day, we hope to take an active part. I do believe some may still disagree with the choice and I’ll be interested in sharing our reasons and learning theirs. Bandits are a long-standing part of the Boston Marathon. At the same time, it’s our hope that we will encourage an approach slightly different from the tradition, by supporting those who undertake the race as a Responsible Bandit.

UPDATE: Sadly, due to a tenacious cold, Randy had to cancel his plans to run the 1/2 marathon. We expect the dynamic duo to try an equally challenging run, later this summer.

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