A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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Am I a hero?
23 May
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Christopher Reeve

Group shot at the LA Tough Mudder

This month the Oberto Heroes of Summer launched their incredible program with the first four powerful video stories. All of the videos are excellent and I was overwhelmed at how well I thought they portrayed my approach to life in the midst of an epic event, the LA Tough Mudder from March 2015.

Am I a hero? I strive to do the right thing as often as possible. I believe I do some great work on many days and I’m tremendously proud of what I and my many teams have been able to accomplish. I don’t feel like a hero–I feel like a person fortunate and determined to savor this life with which I’m gifted.

I didn’t set out to be inspirational and it still is challenging for me at times to understand how often some people find inspiration in my approach. All I can wish for anyone is that whatever their inspiration, whatever their passion in life, they find ways to pursue their dreams and hopefully find similar success as I feel  has been available to me with determination and hard work. I guess ultimately I believe any of us who learn to help and support each other in reaching goals and dreams deserves some level of the title “hero.” My team on the Tough Mudder, on 2020 Vision Quest, and many other goals are all heroes of mine and I say to you it’s always the right time for all of us to be heroes for each other.

Thank you to Oberto for choosing to share my story and for the many other inspirations I think they will provide to all of us, why not take the time to fill your life with a little something extra today?

Heroes of summer

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