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ABC Back to School Special!
25 Aug
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

As the summer slips towards the horizon, we at 2020 Vision Quest begin preparations for a return to school presentations. In the two years since the start of our charity project, we have spoken with nearly 16,000 students while fully supporting the rest of our mission.

I’m glad to report that as the school year approaches, my enthusiasm is rapidly increasing for the opportunity to share our message with more schools and students than any prior year. My goal is to visit at least one school each week and provide as many presentations for each school as they deem beneficial.

To reach this goal, each and everyone of you reading this has the opportunity to help us schedule the visits and for some of you to even help us reach our destination. Most of our presentations come from parents or teachers who learn about the opportunity we provide and then coordinate the event with us. I have spoken to grades kindergarten through college and I adjust our basic messages to best challenge each group. I have spoken with groups as small as ten students and as large as 880!

The best situation ensures a reasonable range of grades/ages to allow us to raise the challenge and complexity of the message appropriate to the group. We often select the date and times for presentations so that we can give several consecutive presentations to different grades within the same school.

Often scheduling a school presentation begins with someone sharing our website or specifically the “For Educators” page. Please continue to watch that website, as an updated revision is coming this fall!

Once a schedule has been tentatively made, I begin searching for transportation options. We are an all-volunteer staff and are always trying to assemble and coordinate volunteer drivers to help us keep pace with the school opportunities. While frequently a parent at a school may provide this, there has been tremendous community support to help us achieve our mission of reaching far more people than peaks!

Would you like to be a volunteer driver? Drop me an email and join our team of volunteers! I’ll send out an inquiry for any date requested by a school and follow up appropriately to make this work.

The reviews of our presentation have been excellent and we have a reasonably significant list of recommendations. Last year was hectic with our winter hiking quest and it certainly had an impact upon our number of school presentations. This year is our opportunity to reach higher still and ensure that even more students have the chance to meet Quinn and learn from the  experiences and adventures which highlight our core philosophies for a successful approach to life.

Will you help us to achieve these goals? Can you help us provide more opportunities for students of all ages to realize the impact of believing in possibility and choosing the right response to all situations? I will, and with Quinn and your help beside me I believe it will be our best year ever!

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