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A heartfelt and significant announcement from Randy
21 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ― A.A. Milne

As Founder and President of 2020 Vision Quest, I’ve had the most incredible vantage point to experience the journey of this organization, from a concept to the culmination of many teammates’ dreams, efforts, and talents in ways that exceeded all our expectations. While we’ve donated nearly a million dollars to charity, our fiscal achievements have been far surpassed by the lives we’ve lifted as we’ve encouraged and aided many on their journeys towards their own versions of peak potential. This is why the news I have to share is so very significant and also, bittersweet.

As many of you know, I am honored to have become the President and CEO of Future In Sight. This responsibility needs and deserves my full focus as it provides me the opportunity to lead an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of those managing sight loss and ensuring a rewarding pathway to independence. It is for this reason I must share with all of you that I will be stepping away from my roles with 2020 Vision Quest, effective January 30, 2022.

We built this organization around the notion of raising awareness and utilizing my climbing of the 48 NH Mountain peaks which rise above 4000 feet. Yet when that goal was met for the second time in just 37 months, we had already discovered and enhanced a much loftier set of goals. Our educational programs, corporate presentations, and diverse community building efforts enabled us to do so much more and we set our sights on the year 2020. When that time arrived and our nation was managing difficult times, including the challenges of a pandemic, we knew it was not time to turn away.

Instead we chose to lead by example, delivering positivity and resilience to our communities. This too we achieved as we closed in on the astounding possibility of raising $1 million for the charities we support. Over the coming months until the end of May, the team at 2020 will continue the mission all of us built together, and I’ll be following the many ways they honor all of our efforts and triumphs in a manner worthy of this organization’s legacy. I invite you to follow and support this journey with me.

In closing, I want to express my deep gratitude to this team and all the members who have contributed through more than a decade of work. It’s been a labor of love for me certainly. Along the way I’ve met some phenomenal people who have taught me so much about myself, our world, and the possibilities for any of us who simply choose to believe in ourselves… then do the work to strive towards those beliefs.

Most of all though, I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me, celebrated with me, supported me, and likewise underpinned our charitable mission to enable this great success. I suggest T.E.A.M. is an acronym for Together, Everyone Achieves More. You all have proven this to me time and time again. We are not finished with positive work together – it is not goodbye. This is just, for me, a transition to another vital role built on the foundation of everything 2020 Vision Quest has always encouraged: Achieve a Vision Beyond Your Sight.

Thank you and be well,
Randy Pierce

3 responses to “A heartfelt and significant announcement from Randy”

  1. Congratulations on the many successes of 2020Vision Quest. While roles will change, the community remains the same. I look forward to Randy formally leading Future in Sight and envision a time where the objectives of 2020Vision Quest and FIS merge into something really amazing!

  2. Annette Fraser-Dunn says:

    Randy, as someone who literally lives on the other side of the world (Queensland, Australia), I feel so fortunate to have been able to donate to 2020 Vision Quest and, even more so, to have had the privilege of watching you present to a gym full of elementary school children and to see the way you engaged with them. Their eyes lit up, they stopped fidgeting, they were intrigued, they asked perspicacious questions (with the endearing bluntness young children so often have). I have no doubt that you have changed thousands of lives and helped the non-vision impaired to understand those who do have vision impairments and to see them, not as blind, but as simply differently abled people. And in doing so, you have changed the lives of each and every vision impaired person who meets one of these children in the future. I thank you for your time, your generosity, your passion, and your compassion. And I wish you nothing but success in the next, very exciting, chapter of your life.

    • Taishi James says:

      Annette, Your comment spurred a memory in me that I think you’ll enjoy. Randy and I were students at the same karate school, which is where we met. I was there the day Randy earned his black belt, and in fact I was the partner whom he demonstrated his mastery of self-defense techniques on, and was on the receiving end of his spin kicks and roundhouse kicks, which were ferocious given his focus, his strength and his long legs. It was on another occasion that Randy and I were asked to do a karate demonstration at a school. At one point, another demonstrator silently threw koosh balls directly at Randy from about 15 feet away. The students were stunned when intuitively, Randy solidly deflected four of the throws, as if he had full vision; another he partially deflected. Only one of the six throws hit him. Yet the part that really won over the crowd, which was middle school teens not eager to sit through an assembly, was when I threw punches at Randy, and he treated me like a rag doll. His technique was perfect: when he threw me, my body flew. They liked it when the shoe was on the other foot, too, and Mr. Pierce felt my mojo! But it just wasn’t the same.

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