Taking Trust to New Heights

Randy and Tracy after the Waumbek hike

In planning our August 13 hike of the Hancocks, we intended to undertake a considerable distance in a single day, and it seemed likely that a human guide on the steeper ascent and descent would be beneficial. Since we had a vastly new group of hikers joining us and nobody on this hike has ever guided me on a trail, there was reason for some concern. There’s a quote I relish: “We do not plan to fail–we fail to plan.” So with this in mind, and having several years of experience with my wife Tracy, I asked her if she thought she might be ready to try her skills at guiding me on this trip if necessary. The steep trail up North Hancock has stairs, and her shorter height would actually help me work with her if we find the terrain overly slows Quinn’s and my progress together. Shorter guides on the way down are more challenging, though; on South Hancock the trail has fewer steps, which exacerbates the height challenge, but at the same time also has more of a scrambly jumble of slope which mitigates the height differential.

It was a challenging request for Tracy but the terrain and timing were right for both of us to reach beyond our conventional comforts and make this attempt. After a short discussion and more consideration, we both agreed this is an excellent part of the challenge and growth we both make a regular part of our lives. We will both reach a little deeper into trust and perhaps create some strong foundations for our future hikes together. The notion alone has already increased the foundation of our relationship in taking our trust to new heights!

Check back here for updates on how the hike went.


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