Thanks to a very special group of people: The 2020 Team

By Randy Pierce

“Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless” – anonymous

Peak Potential team
Thanks to the Peak Potential team!

As I look back through the years of my posts in gratitude to so many different people, it is clear I have never given enough emphasis to a particularly  important collection of friends. There are many volunteers who fully comprise the 2020 Vision Quest team and some of them make the limelight while others are more hidden but all are essential in helping us achieve so much together.

Obviously the Peak Potential team has recently shone with the success of our seventh annual event and the incredible amounts of work by so many on the team.

I want to particularly call out my sister-in-law Monique Pierce who chose to step in as coordinator for me while last year’s illness made it clear I could not reasonably continue. She coordinated the team and put in so much of her own work to deliver such a fantastic event and I’m proud to announce she’ll continue that role next year!

Every week our general staff has a myriad of roles from the blog post management, website, social media, school coordination and development work. These kind and generous friends work together and separately to help ensure that the best ongoing work of our mission is able to be maintained. This has involved thousands of hours since the start of this project and all I can offer is my personal thanks as well as sharing the occasional story of how our work has made a difference in the world around us.

Our Board of Directors has similarly come together to help support the vision, leadership, and direction of the project. They challenge me, support my efforts, and often leap into staff roles and financially supportive roles as well. We all meet once per month for team teleconferences but the work behind the scenes continues.

Finally there are many volunteers who step up from the community to provide a ride to a presentation or to support a particular task which makes our organization more successful. Sometimes it’s connecting us to a school or business, sometimes it’s filling out forms for new donation sources and sometimes it’s simply a call to encourage me on a difficult day. I’m most definitely fortunate to have such a vast resource of people who choose to give of their time, talents and friendship — most especially in support of our 2020 Vision Quest Mission.

Especially for the week of Thanksgiving I hope to ensure you all know how much I appreciate your choice and kindness. Thank you!


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