Dog Days of August go out with a Splash?!

On August 29 the 2020 Vision Quest School year begins with a trip to North Country Union High School in Newport, VT which is a travelling stretch for the team. Their theme of “Achievement through Perseverance” seems perfectly matched and we are enthused to begin the core part of our mission. Before undergoing this part of the work though, there was one more August weekend to enjoy. Our good friends Greg and Heather helped us find a delightful nearby nature retreat with incredibly clear waters. We haven’t had the chance to really give Autumn any swimming options and she wasn’t the graceful Olympian her web-pawed heritage might suggest but, there’s much fun in this romping game of water fetch. We thought our blog deserved a light and fun easing out of the dog days of August and hope you agree.

Click on the link below to see the action!

Autumn Tries out Swimming

So head over to our For Educators page and get us scheduled to visit your school because it’s time to get to work!



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