2016 – A Look ahead to the Book ahead

By Randy Pierce

Randy signs a book
Possible future book signing?

Those in attendance at our Sixth Annual Peak Potential Dinner and Auction in November were afforded a very limited opportunity to be an integral part of the experience ahead. For those not in attendance, we want to now invite you enjoy a part of that experience. We have created a private and secure website where each month throughout this year I’ll upload a portion of my writings intended for the book. This will allow for all those participating to have an advanced reading of all the sections under consideration for the final product well in advance of that book release. You’ll also have insight into sections which while very pertinent to me may not make the final entry into the book. As such you’ll have a more complete and full experience than those who ultimately receive the final version of the book which we anticipate releasing next year.

How does this become possible for you? For a donation of $55 to 2020 Vision Quest, you may have your email added to the list receiving the monthly release of my writings to our secure site. You’ll be able to visit that site at your convenience and review not only that month’s release but the entire year’s uploads. This is a great means for you to help support the incredible work of 2020 Vision Quest while proving yourself with a very rare and special gift into my newest and perhaps most epic quest of all.

Randy and quinn on Mt. Monroe.
Randy and quinn on Mt. Monroe.








Visit this page to make your donation and join us for this experience.


4 thoughts on “2016 – A Look ahead to the Book ahead

  1. Hi Randy,
    I am looking forward to reading your chapters as your put the book together. Chronicling your adventures is a whole new ballgame!

  2. You’re a brave man! I already knew that, of course… but almost no one including Himself gets to see my books until they’re edited and published, or at least almost ready to submit/upload for publication.

  3. It will be good to have a community of folks sharing comments in the secure area to help guide me even as I expose more of the process than most might (as Teresa intimated). I believe in sharing triumphs and challenges for many reasons and I certainly have plenty of both ahead and behind.

  4. This is the weekend we will release the first installments – I am appreciative of how many hasve joined in to this opportunity. We will continue to accept people for a bit longer and hope the comments of others from the experience may indeed entice a few of you to come along.

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