Miles4Quinn is about to begin!

By Randy Pierce

Quinn and Randy run the BAA 5k in April 2013.
Quinn and Randy run the BAA 5k in April 2013.

In 2006, I was so proud to step out of my wheelchair for the final time and walk, albeit slowly, with a support (hiking!) stick. Quinn came along a bit later and soon had me walking better and better each and every day. He then helped guide me back to running and amidst our many achievements together we ran roughly 30 road races together. It was a precious gift and we were pioneers of the Guide Dog running potential here in New England. We loved running together as the marvelous photo from the BAA 5k shows while highlighting the potent image of the flags display at the Boston marathon finish in 2013. I knew then I would do everything possible to run the full Boston marathon.

When Quinn became afflicted with bone cancer in the Fall of 2013 and tragically bid us a final farewell in January of 2014, I made the right and reasonable choice to delay my running. Starting April 6 with my first half marathon until I qualify for and then run the Boston Marathon 2015, I am going to dedicate and log all of my many miles in Quinn’s Honor (#miles4Quinn). I am hoping and encouraging any and all of you to consider joining me in your favorite format to honor Quinn and simultaneously support our 2020 Vision Quest charity. Whether you walk, bicycle, hike, swim, ski or do other healthy ways of travelling, please consider this as a means to increase your health and join our cause! We will track all the many miles we all travel on our journey to healthy fun and the most marvelous Mighty Quinn! As our community grows we may attract a sponsor or two as well. Like most charities we strive to earn funds to support our mission.

It’s as easy as this three-step approach and we’ll be leading the way early and often:

  1. Choose to travel how ever many miles is right for you by the means right for you as well!
  2. Log your #miles4Quinn miles at our website:
  3. Share your accomplishment and our goals as often as possible!

I’m running the Great Bay Half Marathon in Newmarket, NH on April 6, the Boston Athletic Association 5k on April 19 and my first marathon on May 3 at which I hope to qualify for Boston 2015. The California International Marathon and of course Boston are major races in our plans, along with many local races and the near constant training. We’d love to run, walk, bike, and hike with our entire community as often as possible and hope to promote all of our health and happiness. I’m running with human guidance for these races while Autumn comes up to speed on our Guide work together.

On June 7, I hope she’ll lead our best team yet on the NHAB 3k Walk for Sight in Concord NH I won’t know how well we’ll succeed on any of our various goals but I know how hard I’m prepared to work. I hope you’ll all consider celebrating with me each and every mile we can dedicate to my inspiration, motivation and so very loved Mighty Quinn. Along the way I hope we help encourage each other and continue to support the organization built largely upon the wagging tail of Guiding Eyes Quinn!


Rob and Randy running at the Great Bay Half

Tracy, Randy and Sarah pose pre-race


11 thoughts on “Miles4Quinn is about to begin!

  1. So my first half is officially in the books and it was a little tougher course than I anticipated but we kept close (oh so close) to our target time of 2 hours. Now hopefully resuming training in earnest will have me ready for the BAA 5k and then Cox-Providence for a Full Marathon. A great start and by the looks of our #miles4Quinn tracker page many are already joining us! Thank you!

  2. Congratulations to you and Tracy for your half. I did only a short hike (more what my mom’s British friends would call a ramble, nothing major) yesterday but I logged it.

  3. Hey Teresa, thanks for adding your jaunt into the mix! I logged a single mile walk with Autumn last night because it was done with intent and adds to the total. Every step makes a difference in our health and in our communities march to support Quinn too.

  4. OOPS! I jumped the gun a bit and logged in for a walk on the 5th. Will deduct those miles if I can figure out how. BUT if not, I will not log in for another similar walk. I did not pay attention to the date. SORRY. I do love having just one more reason to get out and get my daily walk, aside from health and fun, now it is to honor the MIGHTY QUINN.

  5. As I was biking today I was thinking about Quinn & Randy. I pushed myself to finish the 3 miles so I could log them. I know I won’t do as many miles as some but I will do what I can, in honor of Quinn.

  6. Love to be able to log to honor Quinn. I am currently listening to the loud snores of Grady-a released GEB dog I raised as a pup and thankful for all the great people and dogs I have met through raising. Blessings to you.

  7. Karen, you are awesome! Each and every person helps and hopefully our encouraging folks will be of benefit to all involved! Keep on keepin gon!

  8. I’m off to do some more #Miles4Quinn this morning. We have a really nice series if walking trails through the local wetlands park.

    A few people at work are prepping for half/full marathons and I’ve encouraged them to log some M4Q too.

    Good luck to all!

  9. Noted your miles around the world Bob! Still hard for me to fathom the depth of connection in your and Annette’s choice for you to fly around the world to visit…and to arrive on the day you did. Love watching the miles rise for the boy and for the inspiration he’s getting to give even still.

  10. Hi Randy,
    I have heard so much about you from Rick P. I have been religious about logging my miles4Quinn. I love seeing the miles accumulate. This is a great endeavor that helps keep me focused when I want to quit. Congrats on your 13.1. I have my first in just 8 days as part of the Triple Crown Series for the “Iron Girl” here in Maryland.

  11. When will it stop raining?!?? I’ve been doing “down dogs for Quinn,” but they don’t count!

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