Crafty holiday shopping with my artistic friends

By Randy Pierce

The holidays are upon us–or, since they often seem to wear folks down, perhaps the “holly daze” is more appropriate. I love the notion of seasonal cheer which often brings about the best in community interactions. However, I certainly understand the stress and challenge it may bring for some, particularly in the shopping world. So if you need something a little more than a copy of “Four More Feet” as a gift for someone then perhaps consider searching some of the incredible crafty and artistic opportunities for your gifts this holiday season.

While I have reasonable creativity, I’ve rarely been accused of being artistically talented– for very good reason. I do, however, have many friends who astound me with their creative talents. As an example, I wanted to share three in particular because of the quality of their work and for the many ways in which they have supported me personally and 2020 Vision Quest. I urge you to take a look at their pages and offerings. These are just three of the many examples; I’m hopeful that on our blog and through our social media, many others will share their own similar pages or favorite pages to help us all discover some of the wonders available this holiday season.

Jennifer Liang:

Rachel Morris:

Erin DesMarais:

While I apologize in advance to the many talented friends I have missed in this short sample, I do urge you all to share your links and gift us all with the chance to see your talents!

Happy holidays to everyone! Our “On the Path” Blog will take a two-week break to celebrate the holiday season. We’ll look forward to sharing more with you in the new year ahead!

Happy holidays from the Pierce family and 2020 Vision Quest!



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