Walking the Dog — Even the Mighty Quinn!

By Randy Pierce

Randy and Quinn: A dynamic duo!

Quinn is constantly providing amazement with his epic adventures and stalwart, handsome charm, but there’s much more to his story. Each and every day I marvel at the devoted and attentive manner with which he converts my traveling from challenge to experience.

Walking down the street with the “tap – tap – tap” of my blind cane requires me to put a fair bit of my focus into each tap to interpret the information it relays about surfaces, edges, and obstacles.

In each of these moments of focus, I miss experiencing the world around me. Just the simple walk to the bus stop becomes a 15-minute journey. As I encounter trash cans and recycle bins, the journey doubles in time and my interaction with the world around me dwindles still further.

Super Dog!

Quinn eagerly undertakes the hero role with the casual ease vision affords him. He frees me up to trust fully in him and allow my interactions with him and the world to blossom. This freedom has incredible significance to my happiness and is part of the incredible bond we share as a working team.

With him, that bus stop journey is reduced to five minutes and all of it is spent with my head up and my mind free to travel beyond the limiting bounds of the pitfalls and obstacles along the path. This is just a fraction of the gift Quinn bestows to me each and every day.

So while it’s easy to think of Super Dog Quinn when recalling mountain adventures or inspirational road races, it’s also worth reflecting that his best work is in the little steps we take day after day while we are living our more conventional lives together.

Quinn certainly loves challenge and adventure, but clearly what he loves most of all is sharing our lives and ensuring that every day is the day he makes a difference in the world. We could learn a lot from Quinn!

The Mighty Quinn: International Dog of Mystery and Man's Best Friend.

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