A Different Kind of Donor

By Randy Pierce

Have you ever read a story so powerful it made your heart stop? I very much hope this doesn’t occur as I follow the inspirational blog of my friend Bobby Butler. While I certainly know a little about challenge, none of us has a monopoly on the difficulties that arise in life. These challenges are often not within our ability to control. What each of us has is the unique opportunity to choose how we make a positive difference–that is something we can control.

Bobby and his wife Tracie are waiting for a heart transplant for Tracie. The story that Bobby tells in this post entitled “The Call” describes the recent incident in which Bobby and Tracie received an urgent call that there was a donor heart available for her, which sent them scrambling to prepare their lives in the hope that their needs would be fulfilled at last. However, the heart turned out to be defective, and they had to regroup mentally and emotionally after this false alarm. Their story is still without an ending.

The call Bobby and Tracie need will never come without the help of a different kind of “donor”. In managing the 2020 Vision Quest, I frequently try to demonstrate the need and benefits of our particular efforts and methods to encourage folks to become involved. There are so many worthy charities which entice us to spend our time, efforts, and/or finances to make a beneficial impact, and I could not more fully appreciate the efforts of so many to help us along 2020VQ’s philanthropic journey. However, I never want to miss the opportunity to share quality messages that benefit others. This week’s message is to encourage my readers to consider a donation that anyone can take with minimal effort and cost, and potentially make the most critical difference in the lives of others.

Becoming an Organ Donor is a choice which may convert your personal time of tragedy into an opportunity of hope for another. I would personally urge anyone and everyone to give this full consideration. If you believe it’s the right thing, then the time to make the decision is now; the real waste would be a failure to make the decision in time to make the difference in one or possibly many lives. I know it takes a different kind of donor and it’s the type of donation we cannot typically see reach fruition. The reward of becoming an organ donor is knowing we’ve made a choice that has the potential to make the difference between life and death for another human being if the need and circumstance ever align. That’s a comfort and a positive decision that I want to know is with me every step of every day.


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