…and Liberty for All!

by Randy Pierce

www.flagsonthe48.org - Flag flying on top of Mount Liberty - Saturday, September 15, 2001

That rascal, Quinn, spilled the beans on Twitter: We are climbing Mt. Liberty on 9/11 as part of the Flags on the 48! I am truly honored to be a part of this program, and I’m especially excited to be hiking up the mountain where the program began. I have a deep appreciation for the freedom and liberty afforded us privileged citizens of the United States of America. Having begun 2020 Vision Quest on Independence Day, it is fitting to have this meaningful summit on a day I consider synonymous with freedom. Quinn grants me tremendous freedom and liberty as well, which is not lost upon me. The core of this hike, for me, is to honor and give tribute to those who conceived of and/or defended both liberty and freedom.

I relish community and the idea of building strength by joining together for a common and worthy cause. I believe we all have the opportunity to act in ways that enhance the community of our nation – being the best citizens for the betterment of our community, from the smallest to the grandest levels. I believe our 2020 Vision Quest represents so many of these values, and encourages taking personal and purposeful steps toward things that hold meaning for us.

September 11th is a day I will dedicate to remembering the people who have helped us all realize the benefits of liberty. I hope many of you will share your own thoughts on freedom and liberty, and follow the very worthy Flags on the 48 program. On that day, I hope we all appreciate the greater community of our nation, those lost in her defense, and those who will have a positive impact on this nation going forward.


One thought on “…and Liberty for All!

  1. Randy,
    What a great hike for 9/11! Erik and I hiked it this past Saturday – the first time I had ever been on Liberty. It’s a steady climb up Liberty Springs path, but enjoyable. We’ll be thinking about the 202 Team that day and the great country we live in.

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