Independence Day Takes on a Whole New Meaning

by Jim Caron

Every July 4th, our family does the same thing: we go to a cookout at our friends’ lake house, along with a huge group of friends. We’ve been doing it for probably 20 years now — so long that for me, the holiday looms in my mind as Cookout at Becky’s day.

Yet today, as I was running out to pick up some ice and burgers, I heard somebody on the radio refer to it as “Independence Day.” This kind of Ā knocked me off my horse, reminding me “all over again” what the day is really celebrating: the courage and vision of the Americans who strove to create a more perfect union.

And within moments I had another thought: the true meaning of a guide dog to a blind person is exactly that — Independence. With Quinn at his side, Randy leads a truly independent life, a huge and wonderful step forward from the humbling challenges that total blindness brings.

Within a moment I found myself wondering if Randy’s choice of his inaugural hike on Independence Day was by design? And another moment later I decided that, yes, without a doubt it WAS by design. Details like that are rarely lost on Randy.

One of Randy’s goals with 2020VisionQuest is to raise awareness and desperately needed funds for blind services organizations in this time of financial cutbacks: specifically the New Hampshire Association for the Blind, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. By supporting Randy’s mission you can make a difference in the lives of people whose life is affected by blindness. The need is becoming more critical as the Baby Boom generation ages, and is beset by lost vision due to diabetes, macular degeneration, and a host of other age-related conditions.

Courageous. Visionary. If you follow 2020VisionQuest at all, you know those words describe Randy Pierce. Let’s help him reach the top.



One thought on “Independence Day Takes on a Whole New Meaning

  1. I mentioned in my post but thought I’d reiterate the coolness here. We were just heading up the trail when we encounterred the Service men coming down from the summit with the flag in hand. I paused to thank them for their service and touched the flag at their encouragement. They said some very kind words and we moved on… Happy Independence indeed – for all the good reasons.

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