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5 years since the passing of the Mighty Quinn
21 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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The iconic picture of the Mighty Quinn resting on the summit of Mount Flume in the summertime, with a mountain range and blue sky in the background.Five  years have passed since the passing of my beloved boy, the Mighty Quinn. Below you’ll find the simple but powerful memorial I shared to honor him then which still resonates as powerfully for me today.

I wanted to add a few further recollections first as he is ever present in my life still. I have certainly shared a bit more of his story in our recently released book, and the final chapter, “Ashes Upon Kilimanjaro,” begins with one of my most intense reflections of Quinn’s role in my life.

Quinn quite simply lifted me to heights I did not imagine before he entered my world. Well beyond the mountain peaks we climbed together, he brought me significant steps along the path of becoming more thoughtful and deliberate in my pursuit of meaningful goals in this world. Some might find it difficult to imagine how a canine can be so influential in anyone’s life but the story is clear and the rewards so very real.

It is a small part of why I miss him so much even as I delight in the joy of his memory, the companionship of Autumn, Tracy and my many friends. I do celebrate my great fortune for the time we shared even as I still mourn his loss deeply. It is why anniversaries such as January 20 will always hold a bitter sweetness for me. I will welcome the bitter sharpening felt for the day of his departure because it is overwhelmed by the rewards of his dedicated, loving memory which is with me stronger on this day as well. Thank you, Quinn, for the many gifts you bestowed to me in all too short a time allowed us.

Read the memorial “In Honor of the Mighty Quinn” from January 20, 2014.

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