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100 Miles of Celebration to Share for a Century of Making a Difference – Help us, Join us!
21 May
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

I’m told that for folks to join in help for a cause, they need to believe in the full measure of the need. They need to be certain how their support will make a difference. I believe that there’s also every reason to make the experience rewarding and fun whenever possible because it helps build a stronger community of support. For my part, I’m willing to give every bit of effort possible to create the opportunity for my friends, my family and my community to help us achieve the needs.

And I have an opportunity for anyone to help fulfill an immediate need. I’m taking on a significant challenge with the 100-mile walk I am doing in a few weeks to raise awareness and support for the cause of vision loss. There are several different ways for folks to lend their support to our efforts–the more the better in every opportunity.

Sign up to Walk with us on Saturday, June 2nd
I urge everyone to sign up for our quest to have 100 people on our team, “2020 Vision Quest – Quinntessentially Blind”, on Saturday June 2 as we walk 3k (less than two miles) from the NHAB Concord, NH office to the State House and back. The cost to join the team is low and includes a barbeque lunch with all of us after the walk. Any and all donations will make a tremendous impact, and the benefit of 100 people showing support is overwhelming. Help us reach that goal and invite others to be part of our team!

May 30: Tandy’s Top Shelf, Concord, NH
On Wednesday, May 30, we will gather at Tandy’s Top Shelf Restaurant at 4:00. With as many supporters as possible, I’ll officially start my 100-mile walk across NH from Concord to Portsmouth, on to Dover, and then back to Concord in time for the 3k walk on the 2nd. We’ll share some footage of our many past experiences and hopefully receive the encouragement needed for the long walk ahead! Tandy’s is providing the food for the June 2nd walk and they will honor us by hosting our send-off as well. For everyone who RSVPs and attends, Tandy’s will give a donation to our walk team. So please consider dropping me an email by Monday, May 28 to let us know you’ll join us there.

May 31: Applebee’s, Portsmouth, NH
On Thursday, May 31, we are touring through Durham and the University of NH as part of our walk in support of how much they have helped us along our journey with 2020 Vision Quest. The first stage of our walk will end at to arrive to Applebee’s in Portsmouth (1464 Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801) in the evening. Any time during the entire day, present our flyer to your server and 15% of your bill will be donated to our walk team. Upon our arrival, we will feast and share the evening with any who can join us. They will play our videos and there is even a rumor of the Winter Hike Documentary being previewed if all goes well. For a simple night out on Thursday, you can provide significant support to our efforts. I’ll retire on the early side since I have a school presentation the next day, before departing from the NHAB Dover office for the long return walk to NHAB in Concord. Click here for the flyer.

The Need
So what’s the specific need that we are serving? I’m fortunate and proud that thanks to the guidance and training of the New Hampshire Association for the Blind, I was able to take many steps forward into my life as a visually impaired person, as this walk surely symbolizes. The fact is that for 100 years, NHAB has provided life-changing services to thousands upon thousands of people dealing with the reality of vision loss.

There are many misconceptions about the realities of vision loss and often the term “blindness” clouds that image. Those who experience it personally or in the lives of their friends and family can understand that while a healthy and happy life is absolutely possible, for many that won’t become reality without the support of an organization like NHAB. If you want to more fully understand this organization’s impact, I urge you to watch the video created for them to demonstrate their powerful work and catch more than a few glimpses of Quinn and me in the process.

We Need Your Help
Why will I walk 100 miles and plead with folks for support when it isn’t in my natural comfort zone? I know the effects of age-related macular degeneration will increase immensely with as the Baby Boomers population spike grows older. This will tax services in ways we’ve never experienced. I cannot imagine doing less than my best to ensure everyone has the same opportunities I had in handling the challenges ahead for them. I very much need as much support as I can encourage and there is no better time than right now!

I do not ask folks to give of their time, their financial support, or even their simple sharing of this opportunity without my own actions to match. We at 2020 Vision Quest have brought a message of “Achieving through Adversity” and belief in possibility to more than 15,000 students over the last two years. I’ve reached thousands more in non-profit presentations. I and many others in support of our charity have given hundreds of hours of effort because we believe in the need and the approach. I’m asking all of you to share this opportunity and join with us as much as possible and in whatever means is right for you.

I will give my full effort through and through, now and well beyond, and I hope a large part of that is a series of thank you messages to all of those who help make this a success. You already have my thanks for reading this far–now can you do just a little bit more?

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