A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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A role for you in Live United Over the Edge 2019
30 Jun
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy's rappelling brings him to a window which shows the high up reflection of Randy and the city behind him.

I joined the VIP team for Live United Over the Edge 2019 because I love the adventure but, far more because I love the purpose. I led the way as the first one to rappel off the Brady-Sullivan tower as more than 20 charities were represented and as of this writing nearly $200,000.00 were raised to support NH Charities. I firmly believe in the idea of working together even as I understand for all of these worthy causes there is some element of competition for resources as fund raising is a major part of the means by which they undertake the critical services they provide. Raising awareness and working collaboratively allows us all to highlight these many missions. The hope, which so many generous people helped achieve, is  heightened awareness will inspire people to find a cause which resonates for them to support. To that end there is still time for those who wish to see all the charities represented by the many brave people who took their passion over the edge this year:

Show me the LUOTE 2019 charities and how to donate to them.

Randy rappels as we view him coming down the building through a frame of treesYou may notice that 2020 Vision Quest is not on the list. As a member of the VIP team, I tried to raise awareness of the event while supporting and encouraging all of those making the choice to rappel down the tower. I am still very much passionate about our mission though I typically fund raise through our book sales , presentations  and of course for one last time our signature event: the 10th annual and final Peak Potential Dinner and Auction! So if you have been inspired by the work we undertake with our great team at 2020 Vision Quest, I do invite you to consider making a donation  or consider being involved in our Peak Potential Dinner. Tickets and sponsorships are available and we are always looking for a few good items for our silent and live auction. Leave us a note if Live United Over the Edge was part of the inspiration but I can tell you that it is part of my inspiration to see how many people care so much about so manyworthy causes. Thank you to the United Way of Greater Nashua, Granite United Way and Brady-Sullivan Properties for teaming up with all of us.

We can all feel on the edge at times and it’s important to know there are safety lines available for all of us in this world! Let’s live united and make our world better for it!

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