The Movie Story

Quinn, a handsome yellow Labrador Retriever, raises his muzzle majestically into a clear blue sky 
				background as he guides Blind Hiker Randy Pierce up the  steep and  craggy  winter summit cone of Mt. Monroe in New Hampshire’s 
				White Mountains. Four More Feet is a documentary about Randy Pierce, a totally blind hiker who takes on the challenge of hiking all of New Hampshire's 48 four-thousand foot peaks in a single winter season. Aided by his service dog, “the Mighty Quinn” and several human guides, he has just three months to complete this quest. Far more than just their story, this film provides a powerful message of perseverance and more for all audiences.

Free Download of Movie Audio with DVS (Descriptive Video Service)

We are proud to announce free availability of this film in a format accessible to the Blind or Visually Impaired. Thanks to Producer Dina Sutin’s efforts, DVS is an optional format for the movie. We encourage the sharing and storing of this file with a request to credit 2020 Vision Quest and Dina Sutin!

Here is the Four More Feet Movie Audio with DVS in m4A format

Here is the Four More Feet Movie Audio with DVS in mp3 format

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Receive a DVD Copy of the Movie

While the DVS Audio format is fantastic, we think many of you may want to experience the film with the full grandeur of the video as well! If you would like your very own copy of the DVD there’s a simple two-step process to have it mailed to you anywhere in the Continental United States.

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We are thrilled with the opportunity to share an incredible story with a powerful message. We hope you too will share this with everyone for whom you believe this may make a positive impact!

Would you like to learn more about the Four More Feet movie? Dina Sutin's web page is worth a visit!