A Dog-Gone Greeting to Remember!

By Randy Pierce

October marked the sixth-year anniversary of Quinn and me becoming a team. I remember the moment I knew the partnership was destined for the depth of love we have for each other.

A few weeks after Quinn and I had been matched together, I was asked to work an escalator and so an assistant was asked to hold Quinn while I was led through the escalator work with an instructor and no dog. It was the first time the two of us had been separated. I had been out of Quinn’s sight for only a few minutes and yet when he was guided back in sight of me, he tore free of the assistant and sprinted through the store to crash into me in a burst of incredible affection.

Sure it wasn’t the ideal Guide Dog behavior in one sense–but the moment was priceless for cementing our bond together. Six year later I can still hear in my mind the surprised and pleased reactions of both the instructor and assistant. They knew that they too had witnessed a very special moment.

A friend recently reminded me of a video showcasing another example of such affection. Chuck, a boxer, was reunited with his soldier after many months. The greeting stirs the heart, especially of any who understand the nature of our canine companions.

There’s a message here that Quinn and Chuck have for all of us. Never miss the opportunity to truly and fully show the appreciation you have for those you cherish in your life. Whether separated for a short time or long time, there is absolutely no wrong time to ensure the people in your life–and the pups too!– know how much they mean to you. If you think witnessing such a greeting or hearing such a story could warm your heart, try experiencing it!

Randy Pierce and the Mighty Quinn -- always together through thick and through thin!

2 thoughts on “A Dog-Gone Greeting to Remember!

  1. Thanks, Randy. You and Quinn are indeed a very special team.

    We miss our Klesko. Getting to meet Quinn was the kind of experience that helps us feel that love again.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Skip and Jean

  2. I love this article and yes, the bond between the two of you is so amazing i could just cry. Congratulations to all that the two of you have accomplished together.

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