Whose Dream Will You Help Achieve?

By Randy Pierce

I do not tend to run short of dreams, goals, and “vision,” though using that last term latter does seem ironic. I am certainly honored by how many people have contributed to my attempts to achieve these objectives.

What is surprising for some is when they realize that often the greatest exuberance comes from helping others find their own hopes and dreams and begin to turn them into reality. I’m sometimes surprised and always delighted to receive a note or comment about the ways our project has inspired someone to undertake a difficult path. This indirect inspiration is highly motivational, perhaps most of all in encouraging me to be aware of my deliberate choices and expressions of support for the goals of others. If my actions can be so impactful indirectly, how much moreso when I act intentionally?

Yet, I find that too often the people closest to us are the least likely to attentively give this support and, with equal significance, avoid giving discouragement. Is someone dear to you thinking about going back to school, learning a trade, learning a language, or perhaps even something as simple as planning and taking a vacation? Are they hoping to alter their life choices in a more positive direction? If so, what will you say or do to encourage them?

The answer to that question is as powerful a statement about you as you may ever make. While speaking at a Melrose school last fall, I heard their slogan for TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. I instantly loved the notion and I now apply it to the idea of supporting those around us to find and achieve their goals.

I know that but for a few simple words and deeds by some incredible people, I might never have undertaken some of the finest moments in my life. So this week I wanted to focus on this idea for myself and hopefully for all of you. You all have that powerful potential in your future. I entreat you to remember that the next time you have the choice whether or not to encourage someone to pursue their dreams. You may find that lending your support will have the added bonus of inspiring yourself as well as the person you encourage.


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