Your Action Needed for Our Peak Potential!

It is time to buy tickets and tables for this year’s Peak Potential Charity Dinner and Auction event for November 12, 2011! This is our primary fund raising event for the year. The success of this event ensures our ability to provide our inspirational presentations to an expected 10,000 students in the year 2011 and many more going forward.

This is our Second Annual Peak Potential event and I wanted to share my personal reflections on last year, this year, and specifically how much the event means to me. There’s an old adage which says “I can’t hear what you are saying because what you’re doing is too loud!” I’ve invested a tremendous amount of my energy into the 2020 Vision Quest so that my actions may hopefully provide the very positive impact I espouse. I am fortunate to frequently hear many words of thanks and encouragement for my effort and the progress of our charity. These words inspire me and I remain very grateful for them. This event provides an opportunity for many people to take action and help us continue to reach our goals. I urge all of you to consider buying a ticket for the event, sharing the news of our event, and bringing more people into the 2020 Vision Quest Community by all the means reasonable for each of you.

There was uncertainty last year as our first event grew near. A surprisingly positive response from friends old and new yielded us a great initial success. As I stepped up to the podium amidst the lively sounds of a fun event, I could not help but appreciate the many volunteers who work directly and indirectly to have brought us so far in our first year. It was a tremendous amount of work for all those involved and we had clearly made significant progress. However, all of our efforts still required the support of our community both local and remote for this to continue. The generous support of those attending and donating throughout the first year absolutely gave us that support and it was indeed a season of success.

From Left to Right: Randy, The Mighty Quinn, John E. Swenson, Colleen M. Elliott, Mary Beth S. White

Now our first full year is behind us and we are facing the significant challenges of a second season. We have accomplished far more already in this new year. We are nearly half way through “the 48” summits which encouraged the start of our charity and have gained considerable publicity for our programs and presentations. We have made several partnerships such as our first sponsor for Peak Potential, Laconia Savings Bank. We have put together a great team to ensure this event truly is reaching for Peak excellence and as any charity must, we need to encourage our friends, family, co-workers and community to join our efforts. This night is an excellent means for giving that support while enjoying a great night of entertainment, friendship, inspiration, motivation and more. I hope you’ll join us for this evening and this opportunity!

You can find out more information about this event here or find us on Facebook.


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