Happy Fifth Anniversary, Quinn!

By Randy Pierce

Quinn and I play tug of war for the first time at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

This month marks five years of my partnership with the Mighty Quinn! I’ll never forget the powerful impact this incredible pup has provided and continues to provide in my life. To get a realistic feel for what that is like, I encourage you to read the near daily blogs we kept during our training at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. We wanted to allow anyone an inside look at the experience of training with a Guide Dog. “Zip’s Dog Blog” has the full tale of our meeting and training over the month of October 2006! All of the initial work to build bonds and ensure I had the knowledge and skills to be a good handler are wrapped up in the stories of the fun, happiness, independence, and promise which Quinn immediately brought into my life. I dare anyone to read a few of those posts and not come away impressed with the process of Guide School. In fact, advance far enough through the posts and get a peek at writings from Quinn’s perspective on his work and life which became the real power of his dog blog career.

The happy family--me, my wife Tracy, and the Mighty Quinn.

Five years is a long time and a lot of transition for many of us, and through it all Quinn has been a steady and very capable worker. His love of play and desire to undertake new adventures has never changed from that first post lauding his work ethic. When the 6-8 year average working career of a Guide Dog is evaluated on this anniversary, it’s a little daunting to think we are likely well over the halfway point of our work together. This is thus a somewhat somber dose of reality along with the happier reminders my own review of those stories evokes. It serves as excellent motivation for me to continue to keep Quinn healthy and happy to extend that working time as long as possible. It encourages my appreciation for his extraordinary work upon mountain slopes, steady conventional work, and playful, loving nature in our home relaxation time. It’s easy to understand why I salute him on this five-year anniversary, and given his impact on 2020 Vision Quest, I think it fair that we all give the Mighty Quinn some well-earned reflection and appreciation! Happy Anniversary, Quinn!!


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