What is 2020 Vision Quest?

We lead and inspire students and professionals to reach their peak potential while providing financial support for crucial vision services.

2020 Vision Quest supports two organizations—Future In Sight, and the internationally renowned Guide Dogs for the Blind—to help ensure that life-changing services for the blind may always continue.

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" ...it rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old... Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience."
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

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Your tax-deductible donation helps to raise and train dog guides, reach out to young people, and maintain services for blind people in New Hampshire. Any amount is welcome.

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Watch this space for upcoming 2020-related events and news.

April 21 - Presentation for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) NH - Concord NH

April 22-24 - West Haven school presentations

April 26 - Johnson Elementary School - Natick, MA

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2020 Favorite Quotation:

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford

Guide Dogs for the Blind Announcement

In the spirit of achieving our peak potential, we at 2020 Vision Quest are excited to announce a new partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind, an industry-leading guide dog school - and the alma mater of Randy’s first guide dog, Ostend.

Headquartered in San Rafael, California, with a second campus in Boring, Oregon, Guide Dogs for the Blind is a passionate community that serves the visually impaired. With exceptional client services and a robust network of trainers, puppy raisers, donors, and volunteers, they prepare highly qualified guide dogs to serve and empower individuals who are blind or have low vision. All of their services are provided free of charge; they receive no government funding. Since their founding in 1942, they have graduated more than 14,000 guide teams, and there are approximately 2,200 active teams in the field across North America. Their financial efficiency and successful training programs produce about twice as many working teams per year as other similar schools.

2020 Vision Quest will continue to split our charitable donations equally between two organizations - Future In Sight, serving people with sight loss throughout New Hampshire, and the nationally focused Guide Dogs for the Blind — with full confidence that we are conscientiously serving our mission. We are tremendously proud of our new partnership and think you will find many reasons to appreciate their work.

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Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn in harness smiles up at the camera.

Randy's newest guide dog has entered our lives and charmed our hearts. Learn more about Autumn here.

How does a sightless man climb a mountain?

See a 15-minute documentary film about Randy and 2020 Vision Quest's July 4th climb of Mount Washington. Teaser video of Blind Ambition
Watch the "Blind Ambition" trailer

Is 2020 Vision Quest a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes! We have official 501(c)(3) status, not to mention an excellent rating from GuideStar, an organization that rates charities. Our FAQ page
has tons of information about us!

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