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We lead and inspire students and professionals to reach their peak potential while providing financial support for crucial vision services.

2020 Vision Quest supports two organizations—NH Association for the Blind, and the internationally renowned Guiding Eyes for the Blind—to help ensure that life-changing services for the blind may always continue.

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" ...it rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old... Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience."
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

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Beautiful photo of Quinn lying on the ground at summit of Mount Flume on sunny summer day (it was August 24th, 2013).  His head up and looking partially skyward, he appears to be in a serene, meditative pose.  Spectacular backdrop is Kinsman range and part of Mt. Liberty to the right. Superimposed in white, on left side of photo, is the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi:  I offer you peace.  I offer you love.  I offer you friendship.  I see your beauty.  I hear your need.  I feel your feelings.  My wisdom flows from the highest source.  I salute that source in you.  Let us work together for unity and peace.


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One Year Later...

August 24th marked the one-year anniversary of the successful accomplishment of 2020’s original quest. Intended as a ten-year goal of climbing all 48 peaks in New Hampshire that rise above 4,000 feet, we completed this list on 8/24/13 for the second time in just 37 months! This was only made possible, in large part, by the talent, love and devotion of the Mighty Quinn.

While Quinn succumbed to cancer this past January, his legacy lives on in many ways. As one, he “wrote” us a powerful short story of his life that you can purchase through author Eileen Doyon’s page for the bookPet Tales: Unconditional Love, or at amazon.com.

Quinn’s legacy is still impacting students and adults alike, and inspiring them. By the time this past school year drew to a close in New England, some 33,000 local students had had the chance to see and hear presentations about seeking and reaching their peak potential—all delivered by Randy and most of those with Quinn at his side until that was no longer possible. As the 2014-15 school year arrives now, we look forward to an exciting new slate of these presentations—now with Autumn accompanying Randy. Have you seen 2020’s updated School Presentations page yet?

Miles4Quinn - Will Miles4Quinn reach as many miles as Quinn reached students? Are you logging your miles? Will we next reach 33,000 miles, to match the number of students we’ve reached with our presentations as well? At this writing, the miles logged by our community have flown past 10,000 and show no signs of slowing.

Meanwhile, accolades continue to come in as the University of New Hampshire’s Alumni Association has notified Randy of its plan to award him its 2014 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement—given annually to honor a University of New Hampshire graduate for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for public service to their community, state or nation.

Randy has also been selected for the honor of developing and delivering a “TedX Talk” on November 15th in Manchester, NH. “Ted Talks,” as many of you are already aware, are “thought-leader” presentations by public figures on a wide variety of topics, delivered to a live audience, which are recorded and then YouTube-posted for availability to a global audience.

Not to be outdone, Autumn has been busy and accomplished this summer as well! She’s climbed her first 4,000-foot peaks with Randy (Mts. Field and Tom in July) and has even been resourceful enough to secure her ticket to her very first Peak Potential Event on Saturday night November 22nd! Have you made plans to join us yet, and have you secured your tickets? Only about five tables remain; we hope to see you there!

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Picture showing Randy and Quinn climbing Mt. Monroe in the winter, Quinn holding his head majestically up in the air.

We Salute and Honor the Marvelous Mighty Quinn
12/11/04 — 1/20/14

Farewell Quinn – We are all so fortunate to have had you touch our lives. Your love, devotion, perseverance and playfulness are held ever so warmly in our hearts. You enriched my life in so many wonderful ways well beyond the incredible Guide work for which you were trained. The heights we climbed, the lives you changed and the vacancy you leave are unimaginably immense. I hurt and grieve your loss intensely. I promise to honor you and the gifts you gave to me, Tracy and our world. I love you my beloved boy and I am in the company of so many who will feel similarly.

Read our Blog entry for more information about Quinn and some great stories about his amazing life.

Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn in harness smiles up at the camera.

Randy's new guide dog has entered our lives and charmed our hearts. Learn more about Autumn here.

How does a sightless man climb a mountain?

See a 15-minute documentary film about Randy and 2020 Vision Quest's July 4th climb of Mount Washington. Teaser video of Blind Ambition
Watch the "Blind Ambition" trailer

2020 DVDs still available!

We are proud to announce Extended Availability of the 2020 VisionQuest DVD "Four More Feet" documenting Randy and Quinn's Historic Winter 48 Hikes! DVD ordering instructions, along with the download for the Descriptive Video Service, can be found at the following link.

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