What is 2020 Vision Quest?

We lead and inspire students and professionals to reach their peak potential while providing financial support for crucial vision services.

2020 Vision Quest supports two organizations—NH Association for the Blind, and the internationally renowned Guiding Eyes for the Blind—to help ensure that life-changing services for the blind may always continue.

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" ...it rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old... Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience."
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

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Your tax-deductible donation helps to raise and train dog guides, reach out to young people, and maintain services for blind people in New Hampshire. Any amount is welcome.


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Countdown to Boston!

Just ONE day left until the 119th running of the historic Boston Marathon! A long-time dream for Randy, after successfully qualifying at the 2014 Cox-Providence Marathon this will be his first Boston.

At 11 am on Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts—Monday the 20th—Randy will be off and running with friend and first-half guide Peter Houde on the other end of the “rigid-tether” white cane. Taking over for Peter at about the 12.4-mile mark—at an official BAA “guide transfer location”—will be his wife Christine Houde, while Randy’s friend and coach Greg Hallerman will be alongside for the full route, helping them work as a team, providing some occasional guide relief, and for shared celebration in Boston. (Pictured above, L to R: Greg, Peter, Christine, Randy.)

Marathon-related Media Coverage:

WBUR-Boston radio's "CommonHealth" blog has an excellent 4/16 story on Randy called "This Blind Man Climbs Every Mountain, and Now He’s About to Run the Boston Marathon." It includes, at the top, a six-minute audio interview version. From the University of New Hampshire, UNH Today's "Sneakers to Asphalt" story highlights UNH students, alumni and staff who are running Boston on Patriots Day. Randy, UNH class of '88, is the fourth runner featured in the story. Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner story on Randy--"Blind Patriots season-ticket holder gets the game better than anyone"--covers his Patriot fandom but also his recent Tough Mudder adventures and his marathon plans. And Dover NH's Foster's Daily Democrat has a new "Team with a Vision" story on 2020's Boston Marathon team of Randy, Peter and Christine Houde of Somersworth NH, and Greg Hallerman of Hollis NH. For this and all other media coverage of Randy and 2020 Vision Quest, refer at any time to our "In the Media" page.

Follow along with the 2020 Boston team’s progress on the big day!

If you can’t be there in person or watch on TV, here are two good options:

* Send a simple text message of “25485” (Randy’s race bib number, which of course includes Tedy Bruschi’s “54” Patriot jersey number) to 234567 by Sunday 4/19.

* Sign up for email or text alerts at this link and use bib # 25485.

Randy reflects on the big day as it draws ever-closer: "I’ve trained with a good plan and plenty of hard work. I believe I’m appropriately ready. I’ve had tremendous support from so many and remain beyond grateful. Now every day the excitement and intensity feels so much larger, and that’s what an epic experience like Boston should cause. I try to often make my choices thinking about how I’ll reflect on them in the future as well. I’m excited, hopeful and proud. I truly count this as high on the list of those epic moments in my life--which for me is really saying something!"

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Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn in harness smiles up at the camera.

Randy's new guide dog has entered our lives and charmed our hearts. Learn more about Autumn here.

How does a sightless man climb a mountain?

See a 15-minute documentary film about Randy and 2020 Vision Quest's July 4th climb of Mount Washington. Teaser video of Blind Ambition
Watch the "Blind Ambition" trailer

2020 DVDs still available!

We are proud to announce Extended Availability of the 2020 VisionQuest DVD "Four More Feet" documenting Randy and Quinn's Historic Winter 48 Hikes! DVD ordering instructions, along with the download for the Descriptive Video Service, can be found at the following link.

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